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Welcome to our Community

This video will welcome guests and new residents to our community and provide an exciting, lively and dramatic visual journey through all five cities. Even long time residents will discover places they’ve been but really have never seen. They’ll experience their community in a totally different way. As one travels through Deephaven and Greenwood, they’ll come across churches, kids, geese and the Old Log Theater. Head out into Excelsior and find paddleboards, main street, cats and restaurants.

Shorewood and Tonka Bay are bursting with beautiful trees along the bike trails, sparkling sailboats and rolling, lush golf course greens and fairways. The people who talk about this community will provide a true sense of pride and belonging. This video, in the shorter version will spool in the Chamber Offices in Excelsior, and can be seen online along with a longer version. Both will be available online as a free download so everyone can share their home town and everything it has to offer with friends and family who may never have had a chance to visit.

While this video is still in the development stage, we invite you to comment with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. You may also possess video that you believe could be added to this one to enhance the story we’re telling. Contact us below and leave us a message or drop off comments, photos or video, with your name and phone number, at the Chamber office. All materials will be returned.

Thank you for your interest.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Community

  1. Alan Tollefson

    I grew up in Excelsior and I just loved this video. A great representation of the area. I want more!

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