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Class of ’59

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Class of ‘59 Reunion 2014

We are celebrating our 55th Class Reunion this summer in conjunction with the All School Reunion which is held every 4 years. The date for our get-together is Friday, July 25th, 2014. The All School Reunion is Saturday, July 26th, 2014.

We are planning a very simple but fun afternoon picnic once again, as we did on Saturday in 2009. And, like that picnic, it will be held at Stanchfield Land. That cozy, family park-Like setting of Rollie & Judy Stanchfield’s near St. Bonifacius. We hope you’ll all come this year to enjoy our reunion and the All School reunion too. Please look through the book for more information.

Then register below to update your contact information and give us your comments or list any questions you may have.

12 thoughts on “Class of ’59

  1. Marlene (Mellingen) & Ron Ellingson

    That is so nice of Judy and Rollie to host a picnic again. It was a very enjoyable evening for our 50th reunion. Do you want the $20 per person to be sent to: Class of ’59, Box 574, Excelsior, MN 55331 or is there some other address or person to whom you want it sent?

  2. Shirley French Leebens

    So happy we are getting together. I am willing to help if necessary. I am in contact with the following classmates if information is need:
    Alice Jean Leigh Dodson
    E. Kathy Hallin Taralseth
    Diane Rife Notch
    Marilyn Asp Kelser
    Karen Beebe Bovey
    Linda Boughton Gross
    Helen Pederson Vogt

  3. Kathy Hasse

    I live in Waconia so it will be easy to find the Stanchfield farm. I also live in a powered wheelchair. Will that cause problems – can I get around? Think bathroom, stairs, other barriers. Thanks!

  4. Sheila (Drenth) Laughlin

    Please note: first name spelling
    E-mail address (then Jerry won’t have to forward to me from upstairs)
    I’m in the process of looking up some of my contacts regarding classmates.
    I will be willing to help the Stanchfields with anything I can-let me know!

  5. Karen Sandifur (Blomberg)

    My husband Bill and I moved from San Diego to Seal Beach, CA. Now I’m really close to my sister Elaine. Life is good!!
    Won’t be attending the reunion. I’ll be thinking about you guys. Have FUN

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