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How does this work?

Ucahoot is a great way to create and develop content such as books, videos or music. Start a project of your own in minutes or collaborate with others right now. Ucahoot helps gather and organize digital content. Collaborate with others on current projects or simply open your own Webhoot (customized studio) to develop your own special project. For example, if you want to create a book … you can do it all on your own. Or, you can reach out to family, friends, even the world, to help you create a masterpiece. Each project can be public or private, local or global. Once your project is finished, publish it. Whether digital or print, you can save it for yourself, share with others or sell it to earn money. Ucahoot is for everyone … individuals, communities and businesses alike.



Whatever your interest … Ucahoot is your online space to gather and organize digital content.

If you’re creative—Great!  An author—Awesome! But it’s not necessary … All you need is an Interest to get you started.

It’s easy to create within your own studio. Simply start a project.  Then, either on your own or with others, add content (text, images, audio, video) and viola!  You can publish your product to save, share or sell. Start a Project!  It’s Easy…



We all have something to share … Collaborations include digital content, general edits, design suggestions, comments, thoughts, or even your opinion.

And, your involvement is rewarded with points, equity in the project or money!

Ucahoot helps gather and organize this content whether it’s from you, a community, or Crowdsourcing with the World!

If you want help, or are able to help, we recommend getting “In Cahoots” with others.
Get in cahoots!  Work on a project …