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About Ucahoot

We help people organize and share digital content. In fact, Ucahoot is a bold quest to enhance the world’s creation and delivery of digital content. If you want to build a photo album, write a book, create a video or drum up lyrics and music online, you’ll need a studio to display your story as well as tools to enhance your work. Ucahoot provides all that for free within a project area we call a Webhoot.

We also share Aristotle’s belief—“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Meaning, you can invite people to collaborate with you to make your project better. And, if you don’t yet have a project of your own in mind, find one within Ucahoot to collaborate on.

Once you are finished—save, share or even sell your published products. Whether digital or print, send a copy to yourself or a few to family and friends. Better yet, market and sell to thousands for profit. If you collaborate on someone else’s project, you can do it for fun, contract for cash or invest your time for equity.

Together we can make digital content more meaningful and useful. Our purpose is to enable you to create and share stories, contribute ideas, follow a dream, earn money, or all of the above. As a result, we are thrilled to offer you an online environment to create, collaborate and generate commerce.



Ucahoot is charting a new course in the exciting social media and web 2.0 (wiki) markets. Though Ucahoot was only founded early in 2013, the business concept has been building like a wave for several years and it’s ready to change the tide of creative collaboration. Ucahoot is located near Excelsior, MN, and hometown to the founders of the company. Not surprisingly, Ucahoot’s success resonates from collaborative efforts. From website design, to software development, on down to inspirational meetings — creative collaboration helped build Ucahoot.

What we do

Ucahoot embraces humanity’s greatest desire — to belong or connect — by enabling society to unite around a subject and collaborate on digital content. Today, on the Web, content arrives in many forms – audio, video, images, text and so on. Content shows up or “streams” onto devices such as Tablets, Phones, Books, TVs, Computers and more. Whether the devices are traditional or technical, they need content and Ucahoot answers the call with a free platform.

Ucahoot’s free platform is like an online design studio, offering you an easy means to produce entertaining, educational and informative products. Products encompass items such as pictorials, pamphlets, books, videos, comics, prayers, music and more.



Get published. Record something. See your name in print. Help others. Earn points. Make some money.
Whatever the reason, Ucahoot’s FREE platform provides you with an online Studio, which we call a Webhoot, and all the tools to get you started. Webhoot’s can be customized. Invite friends and family to visit and see what you’re doing, or don’t. Your space can be private or public, local or global.

Don’t know how to start? No worries … Ucahoot provides details on where and how to begin. Another option is to cruise Ucahoot to see what’s going on. Once you find a project you like, maybe you can help them. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.